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Intelligent Data Cabling Solutions

Today, data cabling is the backbone of the information highway! Often cabling is designed without much thought applied to the implication of a poorly designed or installed cabling system. Further, corporates are looking to expand their operations geographically & so does the IT network become more vulnerable too. Hence, it becomes imperative to involve an integrator who can visualise & help design a robust & scalable cabling system that can withstand the bandwidth hungry application requirements in the future thus, in other words making the cabling infrastructure future proof. With add moves & changes that may be required at the remote geographical locations , an intelligent data cabling system may be a good fit to reduce the dependency of having skilled manpower at these locations to perform these tasks. Further it may be cost effective to deploy this intelligent data cabling system as the ROI will be quicker than one anticipated!

AVCOM team steps in here to make the aforesaid it an in building or campus network it has inhouse expertise to design & implement data cabling projects on a turnkey basis allowing customers enough time & resources to focus on other key aspects of the project/business. Avcom has the latest test equipments that includes FLUKE tester which are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that the customer is always able to access the test reports with complete accuracy.