Job Sectors

Hospitality And Catering

In vastly growing economies, the service industry, especially the hospitality and catering wings of it play a pivotal role. Whether it is maintenance and management of ultra-luxury hotels or menu planning, understanding food and food technologies, customer care, organizing functions and events, etc., all come under the broad heading of hospitality and catering. Opportunities are unlimited in hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, takeaway restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, airlines, and cruise ships. What we would be looking for in prospective recruits is that they should be good communicators, pleasing personalities, outgoing and with a flair for knowing how to be among people and deal with the issues that may arise without breaking into a sweat. We expect the candidates to be well versed in skills of understanding the institutional culture and staffing operations wherever he or she works. Candidates will be expected to know the all round operations that make a hospitality place tick. From understanding as simple as cleaning schedule to building relationships with the repeat guests and their personal preferences, you will display an enthusiasm that is optimum but not overboard. Hotel Managers will be expected ensure that the guests enjoy their stay, they need to be good managers of events and people, recruit the right staff, manage training, motivate and prepare budgets. Others we would be looking for include housekeepers, food and beverage managers, restaurant managers, catering managers and staff, chefs, reception experts, laundry managers, porters, kitchen assistants, etc.